Public Speaker Nepal

Public Speaker Nepal (PSN) is one of the major ventures of Accretive media that ultimately aims to create a leader for tomorrow. Our main motto is “Aaja ko Baktritto voli ko Netritto” (Speaker of today, Leader for tomorrow).

PSN aims to create good leader for tomorrow by empowering them with leadership skills. We pass on the knowledge, help them understand the importance of education, create a platform where they can have their voice out and prepare them for future endeavors. We aspire to create a national speaker who possesses the potential to lead the country tomorrow.

The present picture of Nepal is that the large number of youth today does not only have dissatisfaction over the leadership and leaders but have no hopes from politics and political leaders. This has disconnected them from the country’s issues and concern.  Through PSN we discuss on various topics on politics, youth, development, rebuild, current affairs, nationalism, patriotism and so on. We encourage youth to take interest on the issues of national concern, help them understand the necessity of country which helps them to be prepared as national leader for tomorrow.

The second season of PSN is on the planning stage which will go to the floor soon followed by the broadcast on the television.